5 Places To Ignore Your Phone

5 places to ignore your phone
In a world that is always connected, it’s simply a habit to have your phone in your hand 24/7. Even during times where being on it causes more stress and distraction, leaving your phone tucked away is a hard habit to break.

So on top of random phone detoxes when I need them, I’ve also been making certain situations sacred from my phone. Here are 5 places I’m working on not bringing my phone along:

While reading

One of my favorite weekend activities is to read the newspaper, a magazine, or a book. And instead of checking my phone every time I get a notification, I want to instead embrace this little treat of my day fully. Sans phone.

In the car

I try really hard not to check my phone while actively driving—hello, danger!—but admit I’ll look at it the second I hit a red light. Or I’ll be on it the whole time I’m a passenger instead of relaxing and embracing my surroundings. Simply driving and riding peacefully sounds way better though.

During meals

I’m pretty good about ignoring my phone while out to dinner with friends, but for some reason that practice goes out the window when I’m at home. I wanted to start making all meal times sacred, even at home, so I now implement tech-free meals all the time. It’s so nice!


Have you ever looked around on a busy street to see the majority of people looking down at their phone while trying to get through human traffic? It’s pretty insane that we feel the need to be on our phones even while walking. Let’s all save phone time until we’re at a desk and don’t risk walking straight into a stranger. Deal?

In the bathroom

OK, don’t judge me. This is weird and even unsanitary, but I’ll catch myself bringing my phone into the bathroom. The bathroom! To pee! This is crazy, right? But it goes to show how connected I am to holding or carrying my phone.

P.S. To see thoughts on social media detoxes, see here and here!








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  1. It’s so hard to be away from your phone when so much of your “job” involves responding on social media, etc., but I’m trying really hard to take breaks away from it. This past weekend I took a bit of a detox, and you’re right, it is AMAZING not to have it with you all the time. Usually when I go out to dinner with my husband I’ll just leave it at home.

  2. I hate when I see people texting rather then talking to each other.I have a flip phone so that I won’t be hooked up.I lived that life and am over it.When I hike I have to carry my phone with me but do not answer or pay attention to my phone unless my children or family contact me.When I meditate,and do yoga my phone is off.Yes they all have their own ring tones that I created.I am guilty of taking my phone with me in the bathroom as well.Whooops

  3. Um, yes. Preach! I need to abide by these… new year’s resolution for sure. I’ll be balancing my phone on every surface imaginable. Even keeping my phone in my bag at work, what sweet silence. xx

    Madeline, classicallycontemporary.com

  4. I agree – we should be making more places sacred and phone-free. I would add to the list “the gym” and “spa/wellness area”. I am shocked how many people carry their phones with them in the spa where the whole point you go there is to unplug and relax. Some even go into the sauna with their phones! We should learn to shut down the world for at least an hour a day and fully immerse in a non-digital activity. It does so much good to the mind and soul. 🙂

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