So what is alkaline water anyways?

alkaline water
One of my favorite parts of doing these challenges and trying wellness trends in general is the experimental aspect. Finding which things feel best to you, what is worth it, and what you could live without.

This week I want to present something that I tried on a whim and completely fell in love with: alkaline water. I totally understand that something like “fancy water” isn’t something for everyone though, and that’s OK. Just remember, that’s the beauty of this series—to challenge you to do something outside of your regular routine. Ready?

Challenge: Try alkaline water

So what is alkaline water anyways? It’s basically water that has higher levels of pH than regular water. That science supposedly leads to less acid, increased oxygen levels, higher energy and metabolism, antioxidants that may help to slow aging and prevent disease, powers to clean your colon, supported immune system, and overall better health—among other things.

The thing is, there aren’t many legit studies that back up those claims, so the benefits of drinking alkaline are somewhat contradictory.

My thoughts are, there’s absolutely nothing negative out there about it, I love how clean it tastes—I much prefer its taste to tap (especially in LA), and it gets delivered to my doorstep (I use the company Mend) in environmentally-friendly glass jugs. Tap water in big cities, especially ones far from the mountains, simply has a lot chemicals in it, and this is a way around that—no matter the benefits it really delivers.

Also, you know how electrolytes help with hangovers? Alkaline water is full of electrolytes so I think of it as a post-margarita-night savior. That alone is worth it

What are your thoughts on alkaline? Down to try it?

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  1. I love alkaline water. It was the only water my could drink during chemo and its the only water we drink. We ended buying a machine. Best investment ever.

  2. I fell in love with it 8 years ago when it helped me with some physical problems. Got relief. Bought the little machine so I could make it myself…convenient….still works great. Me and the family prefer it to anything else.

  3. I have been using Alkaline water since well over 2 years. Have nothing but great things to say about it. Have seen improvements in skin conditions, never used lotion in long time, better hydration, and due to that no cramps, better tasting food, and top all all, better tasting water then regular tap water, which full of chemicals. Expensive,but well worth the investment for better health.

  4. Forgot one thing, alkaline water is full of antioxidants, so literally prevents desease. With this water and not drinking soda or any acidic drink will make your body immune to health issues.

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