Are You Constantly Judging Others? Here’s How To Change That

wellness challenge: removing judgement
Last month, I shared the spiritual detox that a friend of mine told me about and challenged you guys to try one as well. How’d it go? Was not gossiping or talking negatively about others hard? Easy? How’d it make you feel?

I personally have had a trying but majorly rewarding experience. In some sense, it was actually easy because I don’t find myself to be a huge gossiper, but to fully remove negative thoughts about others from my mind is difficult (just being honest here!). It’s been a really humbling experience, and it’s made me more aware of just how toxic our culture can be.

Even watching a show like Real Housewives or the news during my spiritual detox was wildly eye-opening. When you’re aware of not being negative about others, you realize how much our culture relies on it as entertainment and conversation. It’s pretty horrifying, and it made me beyond grateful that my friend challenged me to the detox.

So to take the challenge even further, I wanted to bring up the topic of judgement and throw that into the mix.

While removing negative thoughts about people, I also want to let judgement go as well. Even when we aren’t speaking badly about others, judgement is very easy to let in. Judging someone on the way they look, speak, what they do for a living, how much money they have, what their political views are, what their body looks like—all without knowing their story or having compassion is a very toxic thing. And something that I’m definitely guilty of. You too?

Challenge: Remove judgement

This week, be mindful about your judgement, then remove that thought. Simply noticing when you do it and then stopping yourself is a very powerful practice. Then, instead of judging an individual, smile or think of something positive that suits that person. Your first instinct when you see a homeless person may be to shame them for not having a job, but instead, notice what a great smile they have.

Up for it?


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  1. Something that I heard of (which you can debate is correct or not) is that you can’t judge and love at the same time. The two emotions cancel eachother out. So in the case that you’re starting to judge someone (that you know or don’t know) switch it with what you love 🙂

  2. So true! Last week I found myself amidst a argument with my sisters -we’re three – that was SO unnecessary and entirely because of (very, very misplaced) judgement. Makes one wonder, if this happens to us, who grew together, imagine how much it strains other social relations. Less judgement, more understanding makes the world a better place.

  3. I’ve actually been trying to do this lately. What I have found is there are people in my life that behave in ways alternative to my values, which I find myself judging. As a result I’ve divested in certain friendships and open the door for new more enriching ones.

  4. I am a newbie to your blog, so I haven’t done the spiritual detox, but you got me curious so I will go ahead and do that one first. 😛 I recently did a digital detox, where I got off facebook for a whole month and it’s the best decision I’ve done in a while, so I am looking forward to this next challenge. 🙂

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