​Spring Cleaning: Intimates Edition

spring cleaning your underwear drawer spring cleaning your underwear drawer spring cleaning your underwear drawer
Underwear. A really sexy topic that can be not so sexy. Let’s change that, shall we? Its time for some adulting.

Who has underwear in their drawer that they never ever wear? You know, the wedgey givers, the granny panties, the pairs that are too tight, too big, too low, too high, kind of itchy, uncomfortable, torn, unraveling and/or stained.

We’ve all been there but it’s time to open up that intimates drawer and make a change, a change that will ultimately make you feel sexier, more confident and like a BOSS! I did this myself a while ago and I swear it’s a game changer.

While on a cleaning tear, I pulled out my drawer and threw out 50%, OK more like 68%!, of what was in there. I got rid of every odd pair I’d been holding onto. The pair that were too tight on my thighs, the Hanky Panky’s that sat way below my bc (butt crack), the pairs saved for that time of month (which we all still need but there comes a time to say goodbye to THOSE pairs), the ones that felt cheap but were sexy but more cheap than sexy so I never wore them, even when trying to be sexy. Basically any pair that I skipped over when grabbing a pair that I actually wear.

After tossing the old, I assessed what was left, took inventory on what I needed, then displayed the remaining pairs in my drawer as though I worked in a fancy lingerie shop. The clean out happened to overlap with all the big sales (and try to buy underwear on sale) so the next day I hit the mall for the sales at Bloomies, Nordstrom, Victoria Secret and GAP Body. I replenished, washed them, and added them to my pretty drawer.

Now whenever I open my drawer and there’s a pair I consistently skip over, they’re gonners. Or if I wear a pair and they don’t fit or feel right, BYE!

Besides feeling more organized, I feel much sexier. Much more adult. I don’t have “that pair” that I’m embarrassed to be seen in. Even though I’m the only one (besides my husband and wandering eyes in the locker room at the gym) who knows what my undergarments look like, I genuinely think wearing pretty underwear day in and day out boosts my confidence. I feel like it’s one more thing in life that I’ve got together. You feel me?

Next up: the sock drawer.



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  1. How neat is your lingerie drawer! Wow! Some serious #goals there. 🙂
    I am doing my spring cleaning this week and am taking a day-by-day approach,a s otherwise it just feels too overwhelming! Happy to report I did my email + laptop spring cleaning today and nothing feels more liberating than finally tossing some emails dating back to 2011! LOL!

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