7 Documentaries That Changed The Way I Think

7 Documentaries That Changed The Way I Think
I love a good movie, but sometimes I enjoy watching documentaries even more. Maybe it’s because I usually learn something or get to see real-life examples of how others are living, but lately I’ve been on a doc-watching binge. Some leave me thinking about the message for weeks (or months!), so I wanted to share those titles. These are 7 documentaries that inspired a ton of awareness and I highly recommend them all!

Tiny: A Story About Living Small
This doc isn’t just about building a small home like you see on HGTV, it’s about letting
go of life’s clutter and living simply. The tiny movement has undoubtedly gained traction and
become popular, but this documentary shows it’s about more than just moving into a cute little
house. Available on Netflix.

Living on One Dollar
This sheds light on how much we take for granted and all the opportunities that are simply given to us—it’s definitely emotional! This journey of four young guys who want to inspire positive change live on one dollar a day to show what so much of the world experiences, but so few realize and understand. Majorly inspiring. Available on Amazon Prime.

The True Cost
We all want to have nice things, but at what cost? Are we willing to sacrifice other human lives
to have all the material things we see online and in magazines? This documentary gives some
perspective on what others go through to make the clothes we purchase without giving a
second thought. This obviously hit very close to home for me since fashion is such a big part of my life/career and this is already something I consider when shopping. But it left with me lots more to think about. Available on Amazon.

Real Value
From the environment to the economy—over-consumption of all our resources and only
focusing on how we can make businesses bigger—will eventually catch up to us (and it already has to a degree). This doc reminds us that it’s not the material things in life that make us happy and that our
purpose is much deeper. I loved this SO much! Available to rent/buy on Amazon Prime.

This shows why it’s important to eat whole, sustainable foods. Having a connection to what you’re eating makes you think about how you can recreate it for the future generations who are depending on us to leave something for them. My husband and I really value the beliefs behind this message, so I can’t recommend this enough. Available on Amazon.

Heal Your Self
This documentary sheds light on the chemicals in food that affect both your body and the
Planet Earth. Sometimes we need to be reminded that eating is meant to nourish us and fuel
our bodies—not give us food highs from artificial sugars and other additives. Available on Amazon Prime.

I had somewhat mixed reviews on this one (I felt that even though the main characters were trying to live minimally, they were still living a go-get-em life), but ultimately, this one was SO thought-provoking. My husband and I actually stayed up for hours discussing The American Dream and feelings surrounding it after. Plus, the idea of minimalism is just very appealing to me. Available on Netflix & Amazon.

What else should I be watching? Please share!

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  1. Hi.
    I would reccomend
    “Trashed” with Jermey Irons
    “Plastic Planet” /Werner Boote(I don´t know if there is a english version)
    “Before the Flood” /Leonardo di Caprio

    Thanks for sharing your mind changing documentarys, I will
    watch them all!

  2. Great suggestions here, I ditto Before the Flood and Fed Up. I remember Food Inc changed the way I think and also The Cove, which deeply impacted me.

  3. Watch The Secret. I watched it on Netflix awhile back, not sure if it’s still on there. It’s about how things and having more stuff are not what really makes us happy, it goes much deeper than just that though.

  4. Completely differenttopic than what you have posted but ” 13th” has stayed with me since I watched it.

  5. those are all great ones- love watching documentaries that makes you think like this ! There was one on Netflix a while back about a man who created “The Box” and it was for women to put their abandon babies in and he’d care for them. Ugh it was just crazy but so heart warming that there are great people out there.

  6. I strongly recommend “Forks over Knives” and “Blackfish.” Both very eye opening and important for wellness!

  7. I’m curious about what you mean by “go get-em life”. I enjoyed Minimalism but something about how the message was communicated didn’t completely sit right with me and I’m wondering if you felt the say way.

  8. Documentaries are amazing eye openers so thank you for sharing your list. I have just completed the first season of “Islands of the Future” on Cdn Netflix. Each episode focusses on a specific island and how it has harnessed renewable energy in order to be self sufficient. Remarkable ingenuity at it’s finest. Worthy of your time.

  9. Thanks for sharing your mind-changing documentaries and for the opportunity for others to share theirs. I will be watching them for greater awareness and inspiration.

  10. “Happy.” How some people look for or define happiness in their lives.
    “Miss Representation.” How media’s portrayal of women affects our representation in leadership roles.
    “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.” The women’s movement.
    “Vegucated.” How a vegan diet can inspire people to change their eating habits. ( I am not vegan but definitely gained some insight from this.)
    Most are available on Netflix.

  11. ‘The Mask You Live In’ is a documentary about the social construction of masculinity in America and how it affects us all. Heartfelt and powerful, everyone should watch this!

  12. Great list and I’ve made a note of all the ones suggested in the comments! Thats should keep me busy for a while!

    I have one suggestion that hasn’t been mentioned, ‘That Sugar Film’. I’ve drastically reduced my sugar intake and I understand the implications of sugar but this was a great film to watch and we did so with our 9 year old son. He thoroughly enjoyed it because of the ingenious way it was shot and edited and he learnt so much from it. Definitely worth a watch!

  13. Love this post, it’s always really interesting to read about what documentaries people liked and didn’t like! One that I’ve absolutely adored was Tomorrow… It’s so optimistic and eyes opening! If you ever get the chance to see it, I really do recommend it! 🙂
    Lucie, xx


  14. Awesome post! Someone recommended to me Minimalism a few days ago, so definitely will check it out. I am a big fan of the “Hungry for Change” documentary. It is an oldie, but a goodie.

  15. Dear Gari,

    thank you for the inspiration, I loved “Living on One Dollar” and I’ll make sure to watch the rest of your suggestions as well. I also enjoyed “Fat, Sick and nearly Dead” and plan on watching the Toni Robbins documentary “Im am not your Guru” soon.

  16. My favorite part of this article is when you talked about how documentaries made you decide to be minimalist since we live in an era where people are encouraged to keep on getting more. Personally, I wanted that idea because it does not only save us money, but it also lessens the production of items that harm the earth during the process. I will share this information with my best friend who also would want to be informed of anything that saves the planet. For me, I will start watching documentaries from now on. Thanks!

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