Easy Ways To Improve Your Posture

Wellness Challenge: Improve Your Posture #BIAWellnessChallenge
We’ve all heard it—or maybe even experimented it—but as we age, our bodies just start to…hurt. I try my best to stay in shape and eat well, but something else we can all do to promote longevity when it comes to our bodies? Sit up straight.

Sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror while sitting, running, or even standing, and I’ll be embarrassingly hunched over. Eeek! Not a good look and not good for my body either!

Challenge: Work on your posture

Especially for those of us who sit or are idle most of the day, slouching can be an easy habit to slip into, and a horrible one. It can actually change the spine’s composition (negatively), and can lead to restricted nerves and blood vessels. Muscle aches and soreness will follow. Ouch!

But instead, good posture can improve the comfort of our backs and necks, and can keep muscle and bone pain in check. On top of all of that, you will literally have more energy. Slouching can restrict how much oxygen you’re breathing in by 30%(!), and as you sit properly, you inhale more oxygen aka energy.

Plus, standing up straight is actually a sign of confidence (to others and it internally helps you feel more secure in yourself), so that’s just an added bonus. It can also boost mood, memory, and overall happiness. Amazing, right?!

Here are simple ways to improve your posture and reap the long list of benefits I just mentioned:

  1. Get up for a few minutes an hour and walk around or stretch.
  2. Lay on the ground a couple times a day and make “snow angels” with your arms/legs. Might want to do this one at home…
  3. When sitting, sit up tall, and put your shoulders back and pulled down.
  4. Yoga and pilates can strengthen your core. Having a strong middle will naturally get your body to stay upright.
  5. Think of your head as being held up by a string and pretend that you have a book on your head. Maybe these are silly things to think of, but for us visual learners, these images can really help!

P.S. For more info on proper posture in all circumstances (while sleeping, driving, sitting, walking, etc.), read this article. You’ll seriously feel better instantly.

Shoulders back!

Source: Upright Pose and Health


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  1. I’ve just started a full time job sitting around also so I totally needed to see this!! No wonder I feel tired all the time if it can restrict breathing to up to 30%. Who knew!?

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

  2. Great tips!

    One thing that’s definitely helped with my posture is regular barre classes, especially exercises that focus on alignment and strengthening the muscles in the shoulders and upper back. They help straighten my back, open up the chest and pull shoulders back and down without tensing things up.

  3. I know I should do this but a lifetime of heavy school books and reading has left me with quite a hunch. I try it but I can’t keep it up for long

  4. Working for 9hours in office the posture of the body goes wrong. I needed this for getting right posture. I feel tired while sitting on the chair for full time job.

  5. Ah yes – trying so hard to do this. Have been struggling with a worsening knee injury for ages, and physio exercises I was instructed several years ago to do no longer working. Went back to GP to have a moan, and from my description of the pain, and how it eases off as I move, and he has given a different diagnosis to everyone else – sciatica. So on meds, which are working! Prescription came with instructions to avoid sitting down if possible, or get a special “kneeling” chair.

    (Would love to do exercise no. 2, but I’d end up with the cat on me!)

  6. Thanks Geri, this is great! We used to have the BEST posture & our dad would always remind us by saying “ballerina backs!” Now after sitting in the office only to go home and sit on the couch has really made my posture bad (K is still doing pretty well in the posture department), and I’m desperate to get back my great posture!

    xo, B&K

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