4 Times To Use And Love Lemons

I’m always looking for natural products to boost my healthy-living arsenal, especially if they are presents straight from Mother Nature. For example, lemons are something I have at my house 24/7. From using them in recipes to on my skin, they are full of benefits and are pretty freaking cheap—even the organic ones aren’t more than a dollar or two.

So if you’re a girl on a budget or looking for simple ways to live naturally, here are 4 ways to use lemons:

For clearer pores
Blackheads suck, lemons can help. When your skin is in bad shape, gently place a slice of lemon on your pores for a few seconds. The antibacterial properties will help relieve the gunk beneath the skin, and it’s much more cost efficient than a facial.

In the morning
This wellness trend isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s worth repeating. Before you eat or drink anything else (looking at you, coffee), fill a cup of warm water with half a lemon. Then let your body digest for 30 minutes before eating/drinking if possible. This helps with digestion by detoxing your system and liver, plus it’s energizing!

On your nails
You know that yellow tint that lingers on your nails after too many manis? Not cute! Instead of soaking your fingers in toxic nail polish remover or worse, acetone, soak them naturally. Let them sit in a bowl of lemon juice for a few minutes, then buff and moisturize.

In your smoothie
Throw a lemon peel (yes, peel!) into your smoothie for healthy vitamins, minerals, fibers, and potassium. Sounds gross but it actually breaks up the taste of greens AND it’s good for you. You need quite a bit of peel to really get the nutrients, but I figure any healthy boost can’t hurt, right?

Any other ways you use the lemons in your life?

P.S. For a serious list of lemon benefits, see here…then go buy 20 of them!

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