Spring Wardrobe Refresh

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I don’t know about you, but when it goes from freezing to GORGEOUS overnight, I always find that it takes me a minute to get ready (and dressed) for the season. Not because I forgot how to throw on a dress or jean shorts but because with a year past, the trends evolved and feeling current usually requires a few closet additions. These are the three things I’ve added to refresh my vibe for warmer weather:

1. Furry sandals
I know this trend is silly AF but just trust me on this one – it’s here and it garners a lot of positive outfit attention. I bought this pair from ZARA for $49.90, and it took me a few tries to actually wear them out of the house, but once I did, they became a daily go-to (all the compliments really boosted my “wear these” confidence). I like to toss them on to make any old outfit feel current BUT the key is pairing the furry feet with the right combination of clothing  – think simple, like a black or white dress.

2. Slip dresses

Slip dresses are having a moment, in silk especially. They’re sexy for night but can also be elevated for day. Try layering one with a turtleneck or under a boyfriend sweater for the colder months, then strip it all back when the sun shines. Add a good pair of shades, your favorite sandal, a hat (when needed) and boom! SO FRESH.

3. A white or light bag
Dark, heavy, winter bags are the BEST during colder months but it’s time for a change. I’m loving white, light and even straw or wood bags for spring/summer. They feel nice and leisurely, like vacation in a handbag.

What are your wardrobe game changers for spring 2017?

I’m wearing ZARA slip dress, ZARA sandals, vintage Chanel bag, Storets sweater & Gucci Cat eye acetate sunglasses




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  1. I still NEED to get a slip dress. Also, I just started re-watching Sex and the City from the beginning a couple nights ago, and one of the early episodes Carrie buys some D&G feathery shoes that these remind me of. So girl, you’re doing something right. 😉


  2. This looks like something a street style girl would be wearing to fashion week. So elevated and simple!

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