Wellness Challenge: Crystals

Wellness Challenge: Crystals
I know crystals and the ideas behind them can be a bit out there, but that’s what this series is all about—finding ways to increase living a good life. And for me, crystals do just that.

The gist of crystals is, depending on the type, they bring healing properties into your life. They have been used for literally centuries by all types of people, and the ancient methods have been used to treat illness, restore balance, release spiritual blockages, gain energy, stimulate, etc. You can wear them, keep them in your home, hold them, experience them via Reiki etc., based on what suits you.

And at the least, they are beautiful as decor!

Challenge: Buy a couple crystals and play around with them

Like I said, different crystals are known for different things, so here’s a quick breakdown:

Rose Quartz – The love stone! It can heal your heart’s energy and gives vibes of beauty and compassion. Said to calm and also get rid of unexpressed emotions lingering. Perfect stone for the bedroom, if ya know what I mean.

Turquoise – Known as a good luck charm, it’s supposedly one of the most protective and happy-vibe crystals. Keep it in your home, car, or give it as a gift to spread the luck.

Amber – Can help with the nervous system and help you self-heal.

Bloodstone – Great for energy! Helps your wellbeing and enthusiasm, too. Keep this by your desk or even in your pocket at work.

Smoky Quartz – One of the most grounding of the stones and perfect to sit next to during meditation. It can even get rid of negative energies and cleanse the system.

Celestite – The stress reliever! Put it in your bedroom to give off tranquil energy and encourage a good night’s sleep.

Have I totally lost you this week? Also, has anyone tried Reiki yet? Dying to try!

P.S. For way more info on different crystals and what they look like, their benefits, and how you can mix and match them for specific purposes see here and here.


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  1. Where do you get your crystals? I am definitely on the hunt for them, but not sure where is the best place to purchase.

  2. Reiki is absolutely amazing. I’ve used it and my horse gets a Reiki massage once a month. Two years ago she was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, given 2-3 months to live. She’s healthy and happy today, Reiki was a big part of her healing.

  3. I’ve been skeptical of crystals and I don’t really believe the hype about the “internal vibrations” that they have, but I’ll definitely get a crystal to see if it helps my overall wellbeing (even if it’s just a placebo effect)! They’re also so pretty for decor!

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