7 ways I Fight Blah Days

Do you ever have those days where you are just off? I’m having one of those today (for the record, I’m writing this on June 1). It’s been gloomy for a week, I haven’t been sleeping well (thank you new organic mattress, ughhhh) and I’m just feeling super blah.

I’ve spent most of the day trying to pull myself out of the blahness, and it hasn’t been easy. I thought it could be good to document the ways in which I’ve tried to make myself feel better, as it’s always more genuine to write about these things while you’re actually in it. So, here it goes, here’s how I’ve tried to shake the blues today:

1. One foot in front of the other
On days like today, I could very easily cancel my day, be a recluse and mope around at home, but I know that doesn’t make me feel any better. Marinating in the blahhness makes me feel worse, so instead, I forced myself to get up, shower and get moving. It took a lot but I did it and the moment the fresh air hit my face, I felt a slight difference. And the meetings I had that followed, including a working lunch with a friend, made a huge difference.

2. Check off the to-do list
Being productive always helps me feel better about my life, and on the contrary, doing nothing makes me feel worse. I scanned my to-do list and knocked off a few “thorn in my sides” like getting a car wash, cleaning out my phone, paying bills and tackling a larger project I’ve been procrastinating. Small things like that give me an odd sense of self-worth.

3. Channel creativity
Truth be told, I’m writing this post to help stimulate some happiness because if there are two things that make me feel happy, they are sharing on this blog and being creative. I’ve found that sparking creativity and being turned on by something always helps move the blahhh needle. Other than the blog, I’ll tap into creativity by going to a dance class, cooking, drawing or reading an inspiring book (which is currently Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight).

4. Get moving
I have not worked out just yet, but that’s what I’m doing as soon as I close this computer. I always feel infinitely better after a workout endorphin rush.

5. Stay off social media
There’s something about social media that makes me feel worse when I’m down. Anyone else? Perhaps it’s because people only project their #bestlives, making comparison easy to do. On days like today, I try to stay clear of Instagram, FB, etc.

​6. Spend time outside
As I write this, I’m sitting outside. There’s something about being surrounded by large trees and ​buzzing birds that makes me feel grounded and connected.

​7. Spend time with the people who make me happiest​
I list this last because it has less to do with inside work and more to do with projecting my needs onto someone else, which isn’t really fair or realistic since we all work and have busy lives, BUT it is one of the key things that lifts me up. Being with my always happy-go-lucky husband gives me A LOT when I’m feeling blue. Besides him, I have a handful of really positive girlfriends who are always day brighteners. I like to absorb all their good feels without taking too much energy from them.

And that’s that. That was today’s ‘get me out of thisssss funk’ attempt. What do you do to lift yourself up on bad days?


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  1. I totally have those days and it can be a serious struggle to shake that blah feeling.

    I like to listen to music and go for a run. If that seems like too much, I go for a walk outside.

    This might seem dumb but flipping through the photos on my phone always makes me happy. Seeing smiling faces of loved ones, my cute little dog l, yummy things eaten and the places traveled will always put me in the right place.

    xo mea

  2. I get up go hike be with nature .During my hike I set my intention for the day I do things that make me happy .I know for me it depends on my attitude.Everyday is a new adventure depending on how I look at it.Gratitude list and some spiritual writing and meditation daily.I do something creative even if it is coloring on my IPad.Thank you for you authenticity.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with literally every single point you’ve mentioned!! It’s easy on down days to sit about but, inevitably that makes you feel worse. You have to force yourself to get up and do stuff because it’s one of those things that lifts your mood, even just slightly. I completely agree with staying off social media, if ever I’m in a sad mood I can guarantee that Instagram will make me feel worse so I try to avoid it and other social media for as long as possible.

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    Chloe @ https://girllgonerogue.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. Most important for me to remember is I can’t think myself into right action but I can act my way into right thinking

  5. Definitely going through a lot of blah days lately. I’ve tried some of these tips already and they help in the short term, but in the long term, I need some good news to show blah the door for a long time.

  6. Your 2nd point really resonates with me. Doing something like paying a credit card bill or hanging out the washing makes me feel like I’ve achieved something and I’m not just wallowing. Great post

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