5 Natural Remedies for Allergies

I don’t know about you, but my allergies are on fire this year and not in a good way. Between the heavy rain and windy days we’ve been having recently in California, I’m kinda dying. I hate the idea of taking an allergy pill every single day (or medicine in general), so I’ve been on the hunt for natural remedies to suppress my itchy throat, runny/stuffy nose, and puffy eyes. Some work better than others depending on your symptoms, but in general, here are 5 things to try:

Diffusing oil
I’m a big fan of diffusing oil on the reg, but lately, I’ve been running on eucalyptus non stop. This specific oil clears the air (and allergens), so it’s how I’ve been starting my days. I’ll even turn it on before bed in place of my usual lavender.

Local, raw honey
I love this trick because it feels so luxurious. I picked up some local, raw (this is key for allergy alleviation) from a farmer’s market and have been putting half a spoonful into warm water each morning. It works well with black or green tea as well if you want a dose of caffeine. This is incredibly soothing, especially on throats.

Apple Cider Vinegar
ACV can help to cleanse the lymphatic system aka drain your system of allergens, so taking a shot of it is something that can assist. On the days where things are out of control, I’ll mix in a shot with sparkling water + lemon (I like sour). You could add in that local raw honey to sweeten it up, too!

Since these babies help to balance healthy bacteria in your gut, they work to neutralize the imbalance that are allergies in your system. I take one right when I wake up—whether I have allergies or not—but allergy season is a good time to start.

Tongue scraper
OK so this isn’t going to make your allergies go away, but it’ll make them feel SO much better—at least if your throat is itching. Use a scraper to cut bad breath by getting rid of bad bacteria on your tongue and relief from a throat that won’t stop bugging.

Other things I’ve heard help: a steamy shower for decongestion, an air purifier, a face steam, and even though they terrify me, I’ve learned that a Neti Pot is a good fix.

Do you have any natural remedies?



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  1. Not really a natural remedy per se, but I find cleaning more regularly helps to get rid of dust and allergen build-up. And not just dusting surfaces and vacuuming—taking objects off bookcases and dusting each one individually, wiping down shoe boxes in the closet and putting them back, cleaning under furniture—it makes such a difference.

  2. Manuka honey 1tsp 1tsp lemon juice and hot water like a tea is the rage right now Trader Joe’s brand from New Zealand Manuka

  3. Except for the scrapper, Ive done these things for year. In 30 years, allergies and all I have only been sick a few times. I believe in these things although I don’t really know why they work!-Laurel

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