Wellness Challenge: Care/of

I’ve documented my love for supplements and vitamins as a means to cover things I’m not always getting in my diet or to increase my optimal health, but I’ve struggled with an efficient system for years. From forgetting to take them, to being unsure of exactly what I need, I knew I could be doing better.

I had heard about Care/of a while back on social media (p.s. this is zero percent sponsored) and gotta be honest, I was skeptical at first. Supplement/vitamin companies in general just kinda freak me out or scream scam to me, so yeah, I had reservations. A couple friends started using them soon after, though, so I was able to get honest reviews, and eventually decided to try it out.

The program is cool; they basically send you vitamins based on a personal survey you take. Things that are missing from your diet, you need more of in your life, or that can help with concerns like sleep, stress, focus, etc. For me, that’s Vitamin D, Iron, Omega 3, and a few other things.

You get a package with a month’s worth of your individually-wrapped pills and each month they automatically send you a new set. Plus they are super affordable.

Challenge: Try a personalized daily vitamin system

I’ve been keeping my set (it’s a cute little box dispenser) on my desk so that I’m remembering to take them. No more bottles on bottles in my medicine cabinet hogging space either.

Having an efficient system is super helpful and I appreciate one less thing to remember to do/buy each month. Care/of, you’ve converted me!

Anyone else a member? Willing to try it out this week?


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  1. Yes! I just ordered my first pack last week, excited to try it out. I am terrible at remembering to take my vitamins, and as a vegan I tend to be calcium and B12 deficient, so this service might help me stay on top of it.

    PS: Use coupon code HANDSTAND for 50% off your first order (I got a promotional email from them via a contest I entered and the coupon code works)

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