5 Amazing Wellness Retreats to Consider

Wellness retreats might get a rep for being a fad or silly, but personally, I love the idea of them. It’s often hard to fully relax and rejuvenate when we’re in our own homes, cities, and routines, so getting out of our setting is a good push. Sure, most are pricey, but you have to remember all that you’re getting for that price point. I think it’s the perfect thing to splurge on for a big birthday or when you want to connect with yourself. Here are a handful that stand out to me:

The Ranch, Malibu
Back when I was with LEAF, me and the co-founder Erin were lucky enough to experience this place. It’s price tag matches the Malibu setting, but I’ve honestly never felt better after leaving. You hike (a lot!), wake up with sun, eat an insane vegan menu, and it’s extremely recharging. The whole no-phone thing helped, too. Definitely splurge worthy and I hope to one day go back!

FP Escapes Todos Santos
This retreat combines the best of three worlds—yoga, food and clothing. Because Free People is one of the sponsors of the retreat, you get $500 in merchandise from the company along with a week’s worth of yoga, breathwork and super cleansing food. You’ll also get to enjoy beauty workshops, which will truly leave you feeling like your best self. This is next on my list!

Women’s Ski and Wellness Week
For those women searching for a little bit more than a beach-side resort, this Telluride week-long retreat offers a combination of stimulating skiing and relaxing yoga. It’s the complete mental and physical combination topped off with access to spa facilities and nutrition counseling. You’ll have a three-day and a five-day option depending on what your schedule allows priced from $575 – $1095.

Women’s Weekend Retreat With Yoga, Hot Springs and Wine
If you don’t have a week or two in your schedule to fit into some much-needed you time, opt for a weekend getaway. This one sounds great because it offers all different kinds/levels of yoga, rejuvenation in natural hot springs, and tastings of biodynamic wines (umm yes plz!). This retreat is all about connecting deeply with yourself and nature. Cost ranging from $595 – $895.

Fitness and Wellness Desert Escape
Arizona actually has a ton of wellness-retreat type options, and this one is with fitness expert Nedra Lopez. If you want a fitness and exercise packed retreat—this is the trip for you. You can enjoy two workouts a day varying from strength training to hiking. Your trip will last five days and four nights and will leave you feeling motivated to continue your wellness journey after learning what kinds of workouts your body truly enjoys. All about that! Also, those mountain views are definitely something to swoon over (and maybe Instagram, just once).



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  1. The Ranch Malibu is a dream, amazing I will definitely recommend it to my boyfriend. We just got back from Bali where we did yoga almost everyday and our next plan was to find a nice yoga retreat possible with one where we can also drink wine and try, it would be different than our usual holidays for sure.


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