Wellness Challenge: Face-to-face Connection

In today’s world, we’re constantly on our devices and are more void than ever of real human interaction. I totally get the convenience factor of catching up with a friend or family member through texts or on the phone, but there’s something about being around other people and actually connecting with them that does wonders for the soul – something a text or call simply can’t provide.

Face-to-face connection has all sorts of benefits, one being our ability to understand body language, which is a huge portion of communication. By texting or talking on the phone, you’re missing out on the non-verbal part of the conversation. And you can learn a lot about someone’s mood or feelings based on non-verbal cues!

Another thing helped by face-to-face interactions is the ability to form meaningful, lasting relationships. You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and you just vibe with that person? It happens when your soul connects with someone else’s, and it’s crucial to relationship building. Basically, it’s way harder to connect on this level when you’re not face-to-face. So if you want to strengthen your relationship with someone, face-to-face connection is super important.

Challenge: Have more face-to-face connections each day

Earlier this week, instead of having a full-blown conversation with a girlfriend through texts, I asked her if she wanted to meet up for lunch. She was just as excited to meet with me in person, and we had the best time catching up over good food and laughter. I left our lunch feeling satisfied and full (both figuratively and literally—had to).

Next time a friend shoots you a text or a family member calls to check in, challenge yourself to meet with that person in-person. Invite someone over for dinner, or if you’re short on time, even just a quick happy hour. Your soul will thank you for it!

Who’s going to give it a try with me this week?

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  1. Love this. I actually connected with a friend from college who was training for her new job ten minutes from me. She and I have never hung out one on one. It was refreshing to see how much we had in common when we went to dinner and talked for three hours without cell phones.

    Keri Elaine

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