Wellness Challenge: Finish What You Start

I don’t like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t follow through, but there are so many times I start something and don’t ever finish it. Whether they’re to-dos around the house, or projects for work, I always seem to have a bunch of unfinished things piling up. Ugh!

Turns out, there’s a reason we don’t always finish what we start. It has to do with your mind wanting to avoid difficult or uncomfortable situations. So basically, when I get to things in my closet that I’m not sure if I want to keep or not, my mind gets uncomfortable with having to make a decision – and trying to avoid that uncomfortable feeling is what stops me from finishing what I started. And I don’t know about you, but having a ton of unfinished projects or things to do causes me unneeded stress.

Challenge: Finish everything you start this week

This last weekend I told myself that no matter what, I’d finish anything I started. On Saturday, I bravely entered my closet and faced the discomfort of staring at my unworn clothes with tags still on them. There are a few things that helped me face the discomfort of whether or not to get rid of something. These things can actually help you finish what you start, so they’re worth noting:

  1. Lean on a friend
  2. Don’t overthink it
  3. Give yourself a deadline
  4. A reward

Personally, having a friend to bounce things off really helped me with reasoning and decision-making, so I’d highly recommend finding someone to lean on for moral support. I also gave myself a deadline. In this case, I started cleaning out my closet on Saturday, with a deadline of Sunday afternoon. Well you know what? I got my glass of vino that night (my reward, naturally).

Next time you start something, try using these tips to help prepare yourself for success to follow through. It really is a mental game, and these tips will help get you in the right head space. You’ll feel a weight lift off your shoulders once you realize that, with a little planning, it’s actually much easier than you thought.

Do you have any other tips to keep you on track towards the finish line?

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  1. Someone else in the project/task makes me 100x more dedicated. And a deadline, too. I guess that coud be translated into fear of disappointing and anxiousness. Not ideal but true.

  2. Giving myself a reward, genius! I really think that will help me get through the uncomfortable situations. This post has made me feel more positive and know I’m not alone!

  3. Perfect timing. Last night, I started considering leaving the new job that I just started on two weeks ago. Though I’m still excited about the specific project they hired me for, I’m finding it hard to assimilate to the way they do things. I felt better and slightly more encouraged after talking to a friend. I can’t promise that I’ll stay for a long time, but my goal now is to stay at least until I launch the project. Baby steps.

  4. I schedule time in my planner which helps me stay on task. If I know I set aside time to accomplish something, it makes it easier to do!
    I also try to keep in mind the great sense of accomplishment I feel at the end of a task which keeps me motivated!

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