Wellness Challenge: Go bare

When transitioning to a cleaner lifestyle, most of us start out with our diets—organic this, non-GMO that. But eventually, after realizing how many toxins are in our beauty products, we start adjusting our beauty routines, too. Are you hitting that point yet? I did a few years ago.

Take getting manicures and pedicures. Being pampered, getting my nails trimmed and painted, and that free chair massage is always something I look forward to each month. But unfortunately, there are a ton of toxins in most salon nail polishes, and after having your nails buffed by a salon technician, your body absorbs these toxins even easier (sigh).

Challenge: Give your nails a breather

To avoid the toxins in nail polishes, I’ve been trying to go bare and not wear nail polish at all most of the time. That doesn’t mean I can’t get manicures and pedicures—I still do, just without the polish. Or if I really need polish, like if I’m going to an event, I’ll bring one of my own non-toxic nail polishes.

But if you’re looking for the ultimate clean beauty for your nails, bare is the way to go since you’ll be avoiding all toxins. And if skipping nail polish means skipping all the crazy toxins, I’m all for it. Plus, it just feels good to give those nails of yours a break! Especially if they’ve turned a yellowish tint.

Who’s going bare with me this week? Who didn’t even realize that nail polishes were so toxic?


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  1. I’ve been going bare for a couple weeks now hoping that my nails would regenarate (they get exfoliated and break off quite easily) but nithing really changed, if anything, i feel like the nailpolish was protecting them a bit… dies anybody else have this sort if problem?

  2. I rarely
    Wear polish that started getting yellow and got ridges so Istopped I do pedicures but not try to stretch it as long as Am able.

  3. I rarely wear polish because my nails started getting yellow and got ridges . I do pedicures but try to stretch it as long as I can

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