Wellness Challenge: Live Selflessly

Sadly, I was recently at a funeral honoring a close friend’s father who was gone too soon. I didn’t know him well, but hearing about his life and legacy and all the wonderful things he did with his time while he was here inspired me to do better. Life is short, we need to make it count. In a meaningful way.

Of the many stories that were told, a recurring theme was his unwavering generosity which he did so very quietly and humbly. He was the type of man who wanted to give and donate, but he’d do so anonymously as he wasn’t doing it for attention or credit, he was doing it to brighten the day of whoever was in need. He was the type of man that would buy gift cards to give to his priest who would give to the families he knew needed it most. The generous stranger who would pay for the car behind him in a drive-thru. The customer who anonymously bought his daily barista a new set of tires after learning that he couldn’t afford them. And the stories of beautiful generosity went on and on.

I left thinking about how rare it is to come across people who give without wanting notoriety, a tax write-off or something in return. I couldn’t help but believe that he must have gotten great joy out of his selfless giving. What a way to live!

And that my friends is what I challenge of you this week.

Challenge: Be more selfless

Take note from this man’s kind ways and give back to your community—without expecting anything in return. Quietly spread kindness and generosity at a time when the world can use it most. Perhaps you pay a meter that’s expired, drop off food/clothing to a shelter, or anonymously give to anyone or any place that moves you. Find ways to selflessly give, because remember, you can’t take it with you once you’re gone.

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  1. I love this post. It’s full of positivity and full of love. This challenge could be the beginning of a life as selfless as the father of your friend lived too. Hopefully there will be more of men like him, as well as women, who care for others too, without expecting something in return.
    Thank you for writing such an inspirational post. ❤️

    xo Nisa Hilal

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