Wellness Challenge: Stop Fibbing

Coming up with a white lie or a fake reason why we can’t make an event, etc. isn’t healthy—yet most of us do it. I’ve definitely done it. Instead of being honest about exactly how we’re feeling, we make up reasons to get out of a commitment. And the funny thing? We all can feel when someone is lying to us about something, so why on earth do we continue doing this? It’s a topic that’s been on my mind lately.

I actually really respect people who are upfront about their feelings, even if it shocks me a bit. It all goes back to living that DGAF lifestyle—something I continue to stray away from out of habit. But I’m working on it!

Challenge: Be honest

This week, try not to tell any fibs, no matter how big or small. Not going to lie (see what I did there?), it may actually be harder than you think.

Instead of coming up with little lies to make yourself look better, try being brutally honest. Just the other day, I completely blanked and forgot about a meeting I had. Instead of making up a lie as to why my last meeting went over, I just told the person that I was truly sorry for being so late—that I was overwhelmed and blanked out. I braced for a negative response, but instead received the nicest, most understanding reaction. Phew!

So instead of making up little fibs, make a promise to yourself to not lie. You’ll be surprised to realize that you are probably just overthinking things, and that people are much more understanding than you give them credit for! Also, that lying just sucks.

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  1. Yeah, those little fibs can add up to a lot of awkwardness and discomfort. The other thing I might do is just say, “No, I’m sorry, I won’t be able to do this, but I wish you the very best with this” and not offer up an excuse at all, especially now that I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis and I find myself needing more down time. Sometimes I just need to put self care first.

  2. Such an interesting concept and totally – we all do it everyday. They don’t have to be big lies but they are all technically lies. Such an awesome topic and amazing initiative girl!

    xx, mel
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  3. I hate fibbers! Haha. I spent the whole weekend just sulking about a friend who kept doing this recently and getting caught every time. (“I don’t have money to spend for dinner atm”, but then I see his Instagram and find that he just ate somewhere nice!) I know this is overthinking it – he does come through sometimes – but it makes one feel like she’s not worth another’s time or truth. And I’m someone who can take a hard one!

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