3 Small Changes For Better Skin

Small Changes For Better Skin
Small changes add up to huge results, and the same goes for your skin. Whether that’s adding a skin-saving product to your routine, cutting out food that causes breakouts, or simply drinking more water, every little bit helps.

Here are three small changes I’ve made over the last year that I think have made a very noticeable difference in my complexion:

1. The nightstand trick

I found that one of the deterrents to using all of the things every single night was a bedtime routine that was too long, especially on nights when I was really exhausted. Instead of standing on my feet and completing my skin regimen in the bathroom, I moved a handful of products next to my bed to finish my routine there. I apply things like face mist, serums, moisturizer, lip balm and under eye creams while cozy in bed—and never miss a night. Great products with consistency = game changer!

2. Bedside water

I used to fill a glass of water every night before bed to keep on my nightstand, and most nights I didn’t finish it—mainly because I was rationing the water to last me through the night. So silly! I recently invested in a water carafe with a glass that fits on top (like this one or this one), and now, I fill that up every single night. Because of that, I’ve tripled my water intake from the time I start my nighttime routine to the moment I leave the house the next day. It’s proven to be a sneaky way to get my water intake way up, and no, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Hydrated body = hydrated skin.

3. Makeup brush routine

Makeup brushes can be a major culprit of spreading breakouts, and I was 100% guilty of this. I wasn’t always good about cleaning my brushes, but about a year ago, I made cleaning them part of my Sunday routine. I truly believe it helps keep any breakouts contained to one area. The cleaning usually happens during Meet The Press (I like to do it in the morning so that they’re dry come Monday am).

What small changes have helped your skin?


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