Career Struggles & Motherhood

A few weeks back, I shared a little bit about the anxiety I’m feeling about my career and motherhood on Instagram. If you didn’t read it, I wanted to share it here in case any of you are struggling with it as well BUT ALSO if you are struggling with it, I strongly recommend clicking over the post HERE and reading all the words of wisdom from so many incredible women. The comments are incredible and worth sharing!

Here’s what I had to say…

“The anxiety around career and motherhood set in really hard this week complete with a crying meltdown, or two. Hitting pause on the career button is wildly scary. I’ve placed so much of my worth on my accolades…raising money, building a business, selling a business. And after becoming pregnant, shortly after leaving that business, I focused on leading from my heart, not my ego, and refrained from starting something new. Now that I’m 10 weeks away from becoming a mother, with no new business at hand, that pause button feels even more permanent, and the light at the end of that career tunnel feels uncertain. Who will I be when not working on being a “girl boss?” That’s all I’ve known for the last decade. And while the next journey feels like the most important yet, plus what I’ve wanted for so long now, the career fear and pressure is feeling very real. Doing my best to keep my heart at forefront, and let my ego take a backseat. Any advice is welcome!”

Who else is dealing with this?

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  1. I feel you. I’ve also been dealing such struggles with something I do regularly – my career being an editor for . The exchange off between propelling my profession versus time went through with my family. I know this isn’t a normal answer, yet it’s the correct one. The greater part of my vocation battles could not hope to compare to this one and sadly, it’s an obstinate issue that I haven’t moved beyond. 🙁

  2. I am. It was hard hitting the pause button with my first pregnancy, much easier this time. Maybe because i already know how not so difficult was going back. But we’ll see how I deal with not working once i actually stop which will be next week.
    My advice would be don’t worry, you never really stop being a girl boss at heart. If or when you decide on also actively being one again, you can do it. Any time! Maybe after a month, maybe after 10 years, everything is doable.

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