How to Plan a Self-Love NYE Night

There’s one relationship in all of our lives that often gets neglected more than others – our relationship with ourselves. Many of us are so busy juggling everyday responsibilities that we don’t really take time to focus on ourselves. If you don’t already have plans for NYE night, it’s a great chance for you to treat yourself with a little extra love. Here is how to plan the ultimate NYE night that will have you ringing in the new year with some much-needed self-love:

Prevent distractions

This means that even though you’re going to be spending the night at home – and it’s tempting to check things off your to-do list – you won’t be stressing about doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen. You should also be sure to put your phone in airplane mode so you won’t be tempted to check social media. Make sure to have any errands you need to run done before 7pm (or earlier if possible!). This way, you’ll have at least 5 hours of uninterrupted time to focus on you all the way ’til the ball drops.

Diffuse essential oils

There are essential oils to help with everything from stress relief to tummy troubles, and I truly believe in their ability to heal our bodies and minds. My favorite way to use them is in a diffuser, since it’s really beneficial and soothing to breathe in the aromas. Since we’ll be needing to focus tonight (more on that in a bit), I’d recommend diffusing a blend of lemongrass oil and basil oil. Basil is known to reduce excitability, and lemongrass is super calming.

Order dinner in

Pop some champagne (or even hot lemon water if you aren’t a drinker), and order takeout to be delivered straight to you. The whole idea of this night is to really treat yourself, so go ahead and order from that nice sushi place you’ve been craving. Don’t feel guilty for splurging tonight!

Set goals

While you’re waiting for your dinner to arrive, take some time to set goals for the new year. A lot of this might include reflecting on 2017, which will help you compare with where you want to be at the end of 2018. Start by jotting down some of your goals for the new year on a notepad – doesn’t need to be too formal. If you feel overwhelmed by your list, a good journal session to touch base with yourself will do!

Take a bath

It’s time to treat your body by indulging in a relaxing bath. If you don’t have any bath salts or soaks, you can easily make your own by combining some epsom salt with a few drops of essential oil (like lavender). If you really want the essential oil to seep into your pores, try mixing a few drops with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) before mixing it up with the salt. The epsom salt will help relax your muscles, while the lavender essential oil will help to relax your mind. A little light music and candles will make the mood even more zen.

Enjoy! And happy 2018!

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