The Benefits Of Green Tea After Meals

green tea

green tea
Do you have those things in life that without a doubt make you feel better? My list looks something like spending time with loved ones, yoga, meditation, tea, and the list goes on, but tea is something that always, always feels good. Whether it’s a piping hot cup of breakfast tea in the a.m., or something green and lemony to wrap up an afternoon – I adore the feeling that comes with drinking it.

And since tea is chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, and other healthy ingredients, it’s definitely something to consider adding to your diet (if it’s not already there!).

Years ago, someone told me about the benefits of drinking green tea after a meal – and to this day, I love the practice. I don’t do it after every meal of course, but I find that a cup after lunch is a happy place for me. For improved digestion, to speed up your metabolism, and for a hit of light caffeine, try drinking a cup of green tea (like this one) about 45 minutes after you eat a meal – breakfast or lunch is safest if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

I’ve actually heard that it’s great to drink the tea 45 minutes BEFORE the meal as well – but all in all, green tea surrounding a meal is something to consider. Try both and see if you notice a difference in your body whether it’s before or after. I personally prefer after. Either way, you’re getting the benefits (like anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects, plus a healthy gut digestion)!

Cheers to more green tea!

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  1. While I love tea and drink it – black, mate, green, white, herbal… at all times, green tea after a meal may not be the best idea if you’re following a meatless diet, as it will diminish the absortion of iron and calcium by our bodies. So I drink a little coffee after a meal, and the tea later, as a pick me up in the afternoon.

  2. I love green tea with meals, but if the caffeine feels like too much on top of my regular coffee intake I opt for genmaicha instead, which is a blend of green tea and roast rice kernels. So fragrant and soothing and still packs an antioxidant boost!

  3. I drink it almost after every meal. The taste prevents me from craving something sweet for desert and it’s also supposed to lower the GI of the meal, so two birds with one stone.

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