Tips on Cleaning Your Tech

I’m all about trying to keep my diet clean, my house clean—you get it, but something that I realized had gotten away from me lately is my phone (and other tech).

When you think about it, it’s crazy how many surfaces our phones, tablets, remotes, etc. all touch and then we have them in our hands constantly. It’s most definitely a great way to spread germs. Not to mention, with your phone, although I try not to hold mine up to my ear (read this post on cell phone radiation to find out why), think about all the bacteria that then gets transferred to your face! No thankssss.

And because I’m all about living the non-toxic life, I wanted to find a way to sanitize my devices in a way that was safe for me and my family and also wouldn’t damage the electronic component of these gadgets.The best solution I found, was to make my own all-natural cleaner. It’s very simple:

  • White vinegar (I swear you can use this stuff for just about anything)
  • Essential oil that will disinfect (peppermint or tea tree or blends)
  • 2 oz bottle with spray cap
  • Microfiber cloth

Fill your bottle with the white vinegar (about 1.5 oz) and add in a few drops of the essential oils. The biggest trick, though, is when you go to clean, don’t spray directly on your device, spray the microfiber cloth and then wipe. This will prevent any damage to your tech.

There you have it! Easy and effective, just the way I like it.

Have you used any other all-natural and non-toxic ways to clean up the tech in your life?

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  1. I use alcohol in a cotton round, or the same one I’ve removed my makeup with using micellar water. So far my phone and its case are alright.

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