What to do if you’re experiencing a low libido

SEX! Yup, we’re going there! Let’s talk about it but in the context of a low libido, shall we? It’s something that’s been creeping up into my conversations A LOT lately and I feel like it’s not something people talk about enough. I mean, we’ve ALLLLL been there. We’ve all had dry spells. And if you’re in the new baby camp, a low sex drive is likely occurring (myself included) – it’s basically a side effect of birth.

It’s really easy to stay in the not-having-sex-rut when you’re not particularly feeling it, but if you’re looking to be proactive and find ways to increase your sex drive, here are a few ideas:

1. Holy Yoni Oil and/or Sex Dust
Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice, has got our backs when it comes to our sex drives. She has two products that people swear by and that is her Holy Yoni and Sex Dust. These two products are meant to boost that libido from the inside out. Worth a shot, right?

2. Pelvic Floor Specialist
If it hurts while having sex (hiiii new mamas!) then it may be worth your time to visit a pelvic floor specialist. I went to see Allison Oswald and she helped me tremendously.

3. Estrogen cream
If you’re in the new mama camp and are breastfeeding, your body’s estrogen level is lower which can cause a decrease in your sex drive. It may take you longer to become aroused, and you may experience painful intercourse due to less vaginal lubrication which is where an estrogen cream comes into play. Ask your doctor about a prescription if this pertains to you.

4. More wants more
The more you have sex, the more likely you are to want it. That may mean you need to invest in a toy to get going but the more your body experiences the pleasure, the more it’s going to crave it.

5. Shake it up
Painful or unenjoyable sex can be cured by switching up the position so shake it up! If you see a pelvic floor specialist, they may have suggestions as to what positions would be more comfortable for you.

6. Lube & Tequila
Funny enough, my OBGYN suggested this – no joke! It’s so obvious but let’s be honest, it often works.

Any other recs? I know, I know, weird thing to post on the internet so feel free to do so anonymously.

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  1. Definitely not something you read often and I think it’s great that you did! New mom over here! Love that you are keeping it real!

  2. Just a word of caution with estrogen, even the cream. It can cause your milk to dry up. My doctor mentioned it because I was having vaginal dryness. But as soon as she found out I was breast feeding said that was not something to use. She had worked with other patients who tried the cream and they could no longer breast feed. Just thought you should be aware. I just had to wait it out plus use coconut oil on occasion.

  3. Horny goat weed! Takes a few days but works like a charm (do appropriate reading and talk to your doctor and all those good things). I will say it made me a little like anxious horny – my husband was like “maybe in a minute I just ate” and I got a little irritated. I stopped taking it as much after that haha.

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