In the spirit of “but does it spark joy?,” I thought I would share a few accounts that always brighten up my day when scrolling through IG. Please share your favorites in the comments so I can add to my feed!


“An acute appreciation of elegance, sophistication and a distinctive appearance,” this account shares epics photos from the ’90s. Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford in 1991, Tupac and Madonna in 1994, Aaliyah with Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass in 1999, The Obama’s in 1999, Victoria Beckham throughout the entire 90s….I mean! It’s as they say, Instagram gold.

Krista Horton

This California mama shares photos of her with her family but it’s really her twinning mirror selfies with her little girl that always make me double tap. So stinking cute!

Humans of New York

Real humans living in New York and their real stories. That’s what this account shares. Fair warning, not every story is rainbows and butterflies but every story is unique and beautiful.


If you love a good quote, this one is for you! Run by a licensed marriage and family therapist in NY, she finds excellent quotes that offer sound advice, lots of positive thinking and she always references where they are from.

Who are your favorite accounts?

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  1. I was inspired by what you did when you shared on stories, so I did the same thing. I also shared on stories and ended up getting a few messages from people calling me out for unfollowing haha it was ridiculous, but the cleanse was so needed! Thanks for the inspiration x

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