The Vitamin C Products I Can’t Get Enough Of

Hiii my name is Geri and I’m addicted to vitamin c in my skincare.

I started using the miracle ingredient during my first pregnancy when brown spots known as melasma began appearing on my cheekbones. When I’d talk to any skin expert about my dark spots, their first suggestion was ALWAYS the powerful antioxidant known as ascorbic acid/L-ascorbic acid in skincare. So like any desperate, hormonal woman, I dove deep into the world of vitamin c and the benefits didn’t stop at hyper-pigmentation. Here’s what else you can expect of the ingredient:

Reduces hyper-pigmentation/brown spots
Brightens Skin
Restores Moisture
Boosts Collagen
Fights free radicals
Soothes irritation
Helps prevent premature aging

Win all around. But which are the best products that contain the heavenly formulation? From a morning serum to a nighttime option, a powder and a moisturizer, here are the four VERY different vitamin c products that I’ve personally put to the test and love (and yes, they’re all clean):

1. Summer Fridays CC Me Serum, $64
If you want a vitamin c serum to layer onto your face every morning, this is it. It’s not greasy so it sits well under moisturizer, makeup, etc. and beyond the vitamin c benefits, it contains squalane and a peptide complex to naturally brighten the skin.

2. BeautyCounter No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil, $69
This is my nighttime go-to for vitamin c serum to awaken and refresh my tired face as I sleep. The Omega-rich marula oil provides intense hydration, while the antioxidants from the vitamin C help brighten and fight my brown spots. I love the way it smells and feels. 10/10.

3. True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster, $90
The thing that’s nice about this product is that it’s a powder form so you can combine it with any of your other serums for the extra benefits vs. double seruming. A few shakes in the morning or at night goes a long way.

4. Indie Lee Superfruit Facial Cream, $105
We’ve covered the perfect daytime serum, nighttime serum, and a powder form but if you’re more of a moisturizer person, this is for you. Beyond the benefits of the vitamin c, it contains peptides, hyaluronic acid hydrates pomegranate, acai berry, acerola fruit and algea all of which help give a smooth and healthy youthful glow.

What other vitamin c products are you loving?

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