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Tommy Ton strikes again with his “My Favorite Things” series. This time he features the Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia (and one of my favorite muses), Christine Centenera. Swoooooon!

Some of her faves: friendship bands, vintage chanel belts, jumping off north bondi rocks, balenciaga lace bra, the smell of fresh figs, kiehls, irving penn, when truffles are in season, coconut oil, phoebe philo, never using conditioner, de niro, a solid day at the beach, not wearing flats, being in love, the color of the water in tulum and life in general.

Lots more favorites and photos here.

If you were to be featured in his series what would you share?

Photos: Jak & Jil

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  1. Love her style and especially love the shorts with the belt. I like the length of them and how they are not frayed. Do you have any recommendations on where I can find a pair like that?

    Thanks, Valerie XO

  2. Fabulousity…seriously…those shoes! My favourites list just grew…

    If there’s one thing I love it would be scarves…I can’t wait for fall!

    Thanks, Anabel

  3. my faves would be chocolate, mickey d’s fries, anything my boyfriend cooks, and alexander wang. funny how most of that was food (maybe cause its almost lunch time!)

    I really love these photos and I’m going to ahve to check out the rest ot the series!


  4. incredible lady and amazing photos- definately worth posting! Oooh I have some really special things inherited- a few crocodile and snakeskin purses and clutches that are amazing and very very old. Most things that mean a lot to me are gifts or family heirlooms, or special purchases I have saved and scrimped for!katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  5. She’s one of my favs too. As for my fav things, they’d have to include: eggs benedict, black ankle boots (of all shapes and sizes) grey walls, leather jackets, tree trunk furniture, white chocolate Tim Tams, my tribal purse…

    xx Cristina

  6. Beautiful!

    I think you guys should really check out this blog… I know you all would love it. It’s one of my favs!

  7. i can’t get enough of the “favorite things” series. how freaking perfect is christine?! i wish i had enough time to think about what i would put.
    what would YOU put geri? 🙂

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