bag trim

Valentino’s ss 2011 studded bag trim is sort of blowing my mind. How does one describe what is happening here? A bar ring for your handbag? An anti-theft handle? The new brass knuckles? Please define for me?

p.s. sooo diy’able

Photo: Cartoon Style

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  1. Wow what a great and obvious idea that I am surprised someone didn’t think of before. I am always getting annoyed of my bags that are similar swinging all over the place. A modern clutch! I love it!

  2. i think it would be very good for clutches! as for a regular over the shoulder bag..not totally sure.
    but, apart from having a purpose, i would love to have studs on any bag for absolutely no reason!


  3. I’m liking the studded handles you have no idea how many times I wish my bags had handles like that because I’m so freaked someone is just going to run by and grab my bag from me. I know strange, but I have that phobia for some reason.

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