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My kitchen (which is not the one pictured) is about the size of a fitting room at the GAP which meant creating space was crucial.

I found that the easiest solution (thank you, IKEA) was simply to use the wall space effectively by hanging things like shelves, paper towel holders, towel racks and magnetic knife racks. The magnet knife racks are my fave – super convenient while cooking and great for decor. I also placed the magnets in my office for scissors, paper clips, bobby pins and anything else that sticks.

Easy peasy.

Photos: Design Sponge

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  1. I love the idea of the magnet for your knifes and duplicate the same for your office space. My girlfriend has a magnet for her knifes in her kitchen and it’s always a topic of conversation when she’s entertaining at home.

  2. I’ve just done a post on my fave kitchens and some have brilliant ideas too. you should check it out. right now, i’m loving the magnet deal because it’s just genius use of normally wasted space.

  3. Heyy dear! Just to let you know that I awarded you the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!
    Check out le Fashion Factory for more info. keep in touch! 🙂


  4. Using wall space for small kitchens is amazing! I love how they hang their knives. But I live in an apt = can’t mess up the walls or they will charge us big time. Sigh. I can’t wait to get my own place

    xo Sherrie

  5. It’s really cool to have all the knives hanging there, and practical. But I could never have this in my kitchen. I’m SO clumsy that it would probably end up in disaster.

    But the hanging on the wall for saving space = brilliant

    xoxo from Brazil,

  6. Okay I love that wall treatment. Is that vinyl or just wall paper. It looks amazing. You have good style. Personally I like going a little modern, but I like how you did that old school look though the knifes especially the cleaver one was a little freaky haha. I never see one of those in kitchens anymore. : /

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