a peek inside: erin wasson’s venice digs

 photo Erin_Wasson-026_zpsa8b7a9be.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-023_zpsc4764143.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-001_zpsa4141578.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-003-1_zpsbea1eb80.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-094_zps9862d571.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-005_zpsbab72428.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-006_zps0e78fd66.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-007_zpsa022cabc.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-089_zps56202121.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-009_zps16201010.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-014_zps6219a356.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-086_zps13295ccf.jpg
 photo Erin_Wasson-016_zps9e942b03.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-017_zpsba38e77d.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-118_zps65325036.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-018_zps5c94c706.jpg
 photo Erin_Wasson-043_zpsde9053f1.jpg
Between Erin Wasson’s NY apartment (here), beachy hair, beat up boots and Low Luv jewelry line the Texas girl really lives up to her reputation as the queen of vintage bohemian.

Dressed in a pinstripe pant suit complete with an oversized fedora, the model turned designer, gave The Coveteur a peek inside her Venice digs (and seriously good closet) which is just as laid back and cool as everything else Wasson.

“I would be lost without my black python cowboy boots. If they could talk, they would say that they were getting really tired, and that you probably need to take us to the cobbler.”- Erin Wasson

Can you handle it? 

More cowboy hats, booties and vinyl following the jump…

 photo Erin_Wasson-004_zpsffe0069f.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-011_zps453d40e3.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-040_zpsdffbde00.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-010_zps7841d265.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-015_zps764c6fa8.jpg  photo erin_wasson-108_zpscf3aaa1b.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-019_zps8993e039.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-020_zpsef5c9043.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-021_zps22b42c7b.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-058_zps0b0e8fc8.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-027_zps4500b2f7.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-034-1_zps7d2c5d1a.jpg  photo Erin_Wasson-071_zpsa88de3e1.jpg
Photos: The Coveteur

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