tumblr new york fashion week: night 1

I’m wearing an Anna Sui Silk Mesh Plaid Dress under a Marc By Marc Jacobs Melinda Sweater.

Note: Tumblr flew me and 23 others out to NYFW and it was like a dream. I kept a journal during my trip to keep the memories ever lasting, these are edited excerpts.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011.

Wide eyed, nerves high, adrenaline flowing.

Up at 5am. Airport by 6am. I attempt to schlep my two HUGE pieces of luggage to the Virgin America ticket counter and knock a man over in the process. The man recovers and turns around – it’s none other than Brad Goreski. Mortified, I profusely apologize then pull my hood up over my head which only lends itself to harassment in the security line. I drop the hood and board the plan.

Un-caffeinated, I sit in the wrong seat and OF COURSE it turns out to be Brad’s (fate!). I ask him if he hates me. He laughs and says of course not then we gush over his Dior Christmas hoodie.

The rest of the flight, along with another friend, Alisa Post-Guild, we talk latest trends, it girls, blogs, fashion week and tweet at one another, obvi. Fashion week here I come!

I arrive at the Gramercy Park Hotel along with the other 23 bloggers Tumblr invited to fashion week. I give my name to the front desk secretly thinking that this whole things was a hoax, perhaps a show for Ashton cutcher’s online company or something.

I get my key, stroll up to my room, scope it out and leap onto the bed. I unpack then spot a big white robe and decide I need to live in it all week.

Tumblr’s Fashion Director, Rich Tong, knocks on my door. Naturally, I’m already living in my robe and attempting to hydrate my skin with a face mask. I’m a little embarrassed to be meeting like this but I hug him tightly anyway. He made all of this happen.

“Can you be up to the suite in 5?,” he says.

I throw my hair on top of my head, brush on some bronzer and change about three times.

I enter the suite and feel painfully shy all of a sudden. I look around hoping there is some sort of alcoholic beverage but there isn’t. We go around the room and share our names, blogs, locations. Australia, The Philippines, England, Arkansas, oh my! It’s my turn, I’m re-acquainted with the fear and shakey voice I thought I left in Mrs. Share’s 8th grade classroom.

“Welcome to Tumblr fashion week!” In just a few minutes we are heading downstairs for a really lovely dinner and afterward, Teen Vogue, Glamour and GQ editors will join us. “Get to know them, they’re awesome. And so is everyone else you are going to meet this week.”

Swag bags are handed to each of us and the film crew follows us down to dinner.

Photo of me courtesy of one of the other Tumblr bloggers, Jamie Beck of From Me To You (one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met)

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