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Ohhhh hhhhhhiiii outfit posts (i know i’m the worst when it comes to this but i’m kinda into it on instagram and pose)!

1. Cameo shorts, Kain top, Levi’s jacket, Loeffler Randall Nadia booties.
2. Cameo skirt, H&M top, Levi’s jacket, gifted Valentino heels.
3. H&M brocade suit, Levi’s jacket, Isabel Marant heels.
4. Pleasure Doing Business skirt, because im addicted x Lovers & Friends top (coming out next spring!!!!), ZARA jacket, Chanel bag, chucks.
5. Cameo dress.
6. Cameo skirt, Tart top.

p.s. this is not sponsored by cameo. i’m just a huge fan of the brand. #soooogood

Kkkkk bye.

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  1. Pretty beautiful and whacky jewelry from Mettle Fair Trade. Think also Etsy for original and handmade (possibly sustainable 😛 ) jewelry.

    That "pleasure doing business" skirt looks better on your photo than on their website. They should hire you. Just saying.

  2. Hi, I am studying fashion marketing, and I really need help from all of you lovely blog-readers to answer my quick survey. It is for research purpose only, and is completely anonymous. Please take 5 minutes and answer my survey… xoxo

  3. ah! love your style. I mean, of COURSE I do, because I've been reading your blog forever. But we so rarely actually see you! Dig all these outfits.

  4. Too bad the dress isn't available online, I'd totally buy it! It's perfect for the humidity we're facing here in Hawaii right now.

    Loving your house, wish you'd post more photos of your house AND your outfits. ^_^

    Love and aloha, Mae //

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