diy: bookshelf bar

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Adding a bar to your place doesn’t need to be a big to-do. And if you do add a bar, who says it has to be immobile?

That’s where your bookshelf comes in.

Find some sort of tray (like these lacquered trays which come in different colors and dimensions) that fits onto your bookshelf. On the tray, add a few bottles of your favorite spirits, glasses/stirrers/shakers and little snacks. Place onto your bookshelf and … Cheers!

Photos: From Me To You

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  1. Such a great idea – I like how they have used the smaller bookcases, rather than two larger ones. Such a beautiful room! Plus who doesn’t want to have a drink at the ready after a long day?

    Sarah x

  2. Gorgeous. Especially that chair. I love the use of the dinning level table in front of the couch on the left.

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