May 21, 2012

DIY: key rack

This past weekend Soph and I set up DIY shop at DNA (Designers + Artists)’s Shopsocial LA event and enhanced one of our favorite DIYs: The Jewelry Branch. With a little bit of paint, and a lot less branch, we re-created the key to our organizational success.

How to: DIY Key Rack

You will need:

1. Paint colorful stripes (or polka dots or triangles or or orrrr) around your branch and let dry.

2. Hammer in the desired number of nails to use as key hooks.

3. Cut a piece of twine twice the length of your branch and tie to both ends of the branch.

4.Hang and enjoy!

Bigger images after the jump and
for a how-to video check out this.

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Photos: because im addicted for stylehive in collaboration with Sophie Monet

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THATS GRYTMay 24th, 2012 at 12:18 am

Great idea for a DIY. I feel like if I found something like this at a festival, it would cost me a whole lot more than the cost of actually making the thing myself.

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