DIY color blocked spoons

DIY color blocked spoons
A little something to spruce up your kitchen, use for your next dinner party and/or gift the hostess with the mostess!

How-to: DIY Color Blocked Spoons

You will need:
Wooden Spoons (we bought ours for $3.00 from Rite Aid)
Paint. Colors of your choice.
Mason Jar, for display

1.Wrap pieces of tape around the handles of your spoons. Leave at least 2 inches from where the handle meets the spoon.

2. Select your paint palette (we mixed pink and white to create an ombré effect then punched one spoon up with a shot of neon) and paint above tape.

3. Let dry and peel back tape.

Photos: because im addicted in collaboration with Sophie Monet

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  1. Are these washable? I'm worried depending on the paint, it will just wash or flake off when they get soaped up. Seems like it might need some sort of top-coat to seal it.

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