DIY color block bag

DIY color block bag
Eeeeee! Here’s the DIY Coach duffle Soph and I revealed last night while co-hosting Fashion’s Night Out in NYC (we also made the orange stripe version which I’m rocking all the way to the right in the instagrammmmm (@gerihirsch) above). Fun, fun!

Thank you to everyone at Coach for including us in such a special event!

p.s. we love you, solange!

How to: DIY Color Block Bag

You will need:
Masking tape
Acrylic paint
Flat Brush

1. Using masking tape, evenly mark of the area you want to color block.

2. Choose a color that compliments the bag. You can’t go wrong with neon or white.

3. Evenly brush on layers of paint inside the taped off area.

4. Let paint dry for a minimum of 2 hours and peel back tape.

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