a peek inside: carolina castiglioni’s milan home

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Style may course through the veins of this Milan-based executive (her mother, Consuelo Castiglioni, is the designer of Marni), but she’s no fussy fashionista. “I don’t like to follow the runway look,” she says. “I prefer to personalize it and make it my own.” Castiglioni, Marni’s director of special projects, applies the same individualistic aesthetic to the airy house she shares with her partner, Federico Ferrari, and their son, Filippo.

“When we renovated, our idea was to create a modern, clean environment for our favorite pieces.” And, of course, generous storage space for her extensive wardrobe, which contains mostly Marni, with some Comme des Garçons and Vionnet thrown in for good measure.

Chic? Chic.

Source and photos: T Magazine

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