4 Ways to Live More Sustainably

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, I think we can agree that we need to treat our world better. And though we might not all have the time to be environmental activists, there are certain everyday habits that can lead to a healthier planet. Here are four:

Drive less
This one may seem obvious, but driving less really helps when it comes to sustainable living. Try taking public transit to work, carpool on the reg, or make less trips for errands by doing one big sweep each week. If you’re within walking distance of work or any stores nearby, walk to them – you’ll help the environment and improve your health at the same time. Think about going electric the next time you go car shopping too.

Change your bulbs
You can easily lessen your energy intake by swapping your light bulbs for energy efficient ones. Not only will you be reducing your energy bills, you’ll also be lessening your demand on energy resources. Also, make it a habit to turn off the lights when you leave a room and unplug devices you aren’t using (even though they’re turned off – like your coffee machine, computer, etc).

Rethink cleaning
We’ve talked about this before, but it’s time to use cleaner cleaning supplies. The chemical-laden products, which are horrible for the environment (and you), end up in our lakes and oceans and contaminant them. Try switching to greener cleaners, which are super common even at big retailers nowadays or Amazon. Better yet, make your own cleaner – a simple combination of white vinegar and water gets most jobs done!

Reusable everything
Ditch the plastic water bottles and bags and opt for more environmentally-friendly reusable options. It takes superrrr long for plastic to decompose, and it is horrible for our little ocean friends. Plus, it’s bad for you to be eating and drinking out of anyway, so time to make a shift and invest in a couple durable reusable bags. I use canvas bags that I’ve collected over time and love this water bottle!

How are you making your life more sustainable?


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  1. Hi Geri,
    Nice list! Buts something VERY important is missing: our relationship with clothing!
    Fashion industry has a monumental impact in the world. From cotton farmers exposed to chemicals to factory workers in unsafe professional and social environment, whats we shop and dress (and toss away each “closet cleanse”) is by far the worst… And donating is no solution – second hand clothing market damages fragile traditional fabric industries in 3rd world countries (theres even a black market for 2nd hand clothing!).
    Its by far the hardest but thats the big jump we can make towards a better world.

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