Aura Cleansing

“Your aura is purple!”

That line from ‘Almost Famous’ is what introduced me to the word ‘aura.’ As a child, I was acutely aware of other people’s energy, but didn’t know how to sum it up into one perfect word until watching the Kate Hudson classic.

au·ra ˈôrə/: the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

Auras are palpable. They draw you in or push you away, and for some people, they’re contagious. For example, if you’re with someone who is really low and blahhh, you may feel low and blah, and vice versa; if someone is gregarious and high energy, you may feel positive and upbeat.

Have you ever stopped to think about how other people feed off your energy? What is your aura like? Are you giving off the right vibes?

Last week while I was at a wellness event, we talked a lot about auras, and I was introduced to the woo-woo idea of aura cleansing. At first I was a little suspect, but after doing it, I really appreciated the sentiment. Aura cleansing is essentially scanning for unwanted energy (emotional baggage, stress, etc. that is your own, but is often picked up from others), consciously releasing it and finally, sealing your aura with protection. Again, I know this may sound a little strange, but try it! If nothing else, it may connect you with unknown feelings about your physical, emotional or spiritual well-being. Here’s how to do it:

​1. Visualize.
Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Give yourself a few moments to unwind and then begin to visualize your aura. Scan your body from head-to-toe and search for areas where you may be holding onto unwanted energy.

2. Release and heal
Acknowledge your unwanted energy and let it go. Take deep breaths as you discard unwanted feelings, emotions or perhaps energy others are projecting onto you.

3. Protect.
Once you’ve released the negative energy, imagine your body filled with white light, from the crown of your head to the bottom of your toes. Visualize the white light purifying and restoring your body, and displacing any negative or foreign energy. Give yourself time to enjoy this feeling. Seal your bubble with gratitude as you open your eyes.

As you move forward once you’re “cleansed,” be mindful of how other people’s energy effects you. Recognize when the emotions that you feel belong to someone else. For example, if your friend is depressed, identify that emotion and acknowledge it, but remind yourself that it is their depression, not yours.

If you try it, please let me know how it goes!



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  1. I always find the best ideas on your blog and this is one of them. I’m surrounded by negativity at work and really hold onto their energy. I may need to do this every single day!

  2. I like sealing my body with white light I some times do a water fountain of white light through my body before I seal my Aura and and violet for confidence and protection

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