5 Healthy Ways to Start Off Each Month

Happy June!

May was unusually busy and I ended the month feeling tired and pretty blah to be honest. I’m dedicated to making June healthy and happy, so I threw together a list of ways to make it—and all months moving forward—that way. Sort of like a monthly check-in with my life and habits.

These things can of course be done whenever, but I really like the idea of going through this list to start each month on a good foot.

Find 4 new recipes
I’m not one of those people who enjoys making several new recipes weekly; quite honestly it stresses me out and it’s usually out of my budget to buy so many new ingredients. But instead of being scared of fresh recipes and in order to not get sick of the rotating healthy meals in my home, finding one recipe a week seems doable. Two on my list for this month: Veggie enchiladas and Spicy Green Soup.

Clean out my desk
My desk is where I throw everything (it has a huge drawer), so after a few weeks, it’s pretty overwhelming. I love the idea of going through it, and even my computer and phone, and doing a quick clean-up and organization sesh to start the month.

Booking one new workout
Whether it means searching for a new dance class to go to with friends, a cool yoga studio, or an at-home video, I’m into throwing in one new workout a month. Who knows, maybe it’ll become one that I dig and will continue with. At the least, I’m challenging my body and switching things up for one day.

Check my credit card statement
I’m notoriously terrible at looking at my bank accounts and keeping track of my spending, so the first of the month seems like a good place to start. Similar to cleaning out my desk, this will be a quick look to make sure all charges are accurate, that I’m putting enough in my savings, and that I’m not spending excessively. I did this last night and feel SO good about it already.

Schedule self-love
It might be penciling in a time to get a mani-pedi, buying a new book to enjoy, or calling the girls for a happy hour, but I’m getting a self-love time into my calendar. Hopefully this happens much more than once a month, but for the months that fly by, you’ll at least have this!

Do you have monthly check-ins with yourself? What healthy recipes are you loving?



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  1. You will love this one (got it from vegan cook Sophia Hofmann):
    It’s an orange bowl: you need the filets of one orange, then add two sliced carrots (using a potato peeler) and mix the juicy orange and carrots (yellow and purple are great) with tahini, add some spice like fresh pepperoni and sea salt if you like. Mix all with one (large) sweet potato, I steam them instead of cooking. A happy and healthy, quick meal. Enjoy!

  2. I love that “check your credit card statement” is on this list hahah it’s easy to forget but super important to keep top of mind at the beginning of a new week. I wish I made four new recipes a week, but it’s usually only about one.

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