The Wellness Practices That Celebrities Swear by

I had the pleasure of attending the goop health summit last weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed. A handful of my favorites spoke including Dr. Alejandro Junger, Esther Perel and Dr. Robin Berman to name a few, along with a bunch of others covering gut health, parenting, sexuality, psychology and all the other goop-y topics. Which naturally, includes the wellness practices of some of GP’s best friends: Miranda Kerr, Nicole Richie, Tory Burch & Cameron Diaz.

When GP asked them, “What are the wellness practices that you swear by?” here’s what they had to say:

Miranda: I love kundalini, grounding and being conscious of being in the moment.

Nicole: I wake up an hour before kids. I do nothing during that time but do nothing so hard and grounding.

Tory: Sports. Primarily tennis, but any good workout really: yoga, horseback riding, etc.

Cameron: Getting my endorphins going and a sweat on with a workout, transcendental meditation, consistency.

Sounds like grounding is seriously trending. Have you tried it yet? What other wellness practices do you swear by?

Photo: VOGUE


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