5 Places To Ignore Your Phone

5 places to ignore your phone

In a world that is always connected, it’s simply a habit to have your phone in your hand 24/7. Even during times where being on it causes more stress and distraction, leaving your phone tucked away is a hard habit to break. So on top of random phone detoxes when […]

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Building On A Monochrome Base


I know, I know, aren’t these pictures dramatic?! Not to worry, the post won’t be. In all honesty, when I’m feeling indecisive about what to wear, throwing on a monochrome base—like black, which I did here—of mixed textures and then funky accessories is my go-to. It’s simple and starting with […]

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Year of Wellness Recap

leaftv year of wellness

By now, you guys probably know that my day job is Creative Director (and co-founder) over at LEAFtv. And you probably also know (hopefully!) that back in September we launched a monthly subscription box called The Year of Wellness. I detailed the service here, but basically, each month we send […]

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Not Giving A f***

Geri Hirsch

It’s been rather rainy here in LA but on days when the sun pops out, I’ve continued on with my no-pants theme (thank you, Hawaii!). As it turns out, wearing a one piece underneath a sheer skirt or dress anywhere far away from a concert stage or boardwalk is one […]

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