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Embellishing walls with frames – either empty or with pictures/art/nick nacks – is not only an interesting form of self expression. It looks great, allows you to constantly change a room and makes for continuous creative experience. For example:

1. Collecting: Your collection of rocks, barbies, snow globes and pogs may have been short lived but photos, frames and art can last forever. Spend time browsing flea markets, garages sales, ebay and aisles at large container stores to build your eclectic mix of frames/photos/art/etc.

2. Photography: Carry your camera everywhere you go and pay attention to what really inspires you. Snap photographs of your inspiration then line your walls with your work. It’s almost a guarantee that the creative energy flowing through home will reach new levels.

3. DIY: Paint, sand, recover, cut, sew, sequin, collage etc. the frames, art and photographs you collect to make them your own.

4. Obsessively order cool prints: Create a folder on your desktop and save the images you’re drawn to most – photos you take, magazine clipping, etc. and print for cheap on Shortrun Posters.

5. Rearrange: Rearrange the layout of your frames and swap out the content inside them as often as your heart desires.


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  1. I am absolutely loving this! I’m currently in the process of preparing to redecorate my space, and the first photo with the frames the same color as the wall are the perfect way to add interest without being overwhelming (much needed in a studio apartment) I was originally thinking about adding molding to the wall, but now it’s going to be all about the frames!

    Thanks so much for a great idea!


  2. I love all of the picture frames. Iused to think my parents house was super cluttered because they had so many pictures but over the years I really started to appreciate how interesting it looks.

  3. I just love the post! Your blog is really inspiring!

    I’ve actually been wondering about what to do with the bare walls in my room, so this post is actually really helpful!

    And I totally agree with you, you should always always always carry your camera with you! If you don’t there are always those moments in which you regret you forgot your camera…



  4. What a wonderful post and something that has been so of the moment for me. Especially, keeping the folder on my desktop…I still have a hard time throwing away magazines because I get so attached to the images inside…;)

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