diy: shoe closet

Let’s be honest, we aren’t all married to an architect who can custom make a dream shoe wall (this one pictured was built by Jane Keltner de Valle’s (Teen Vogue) husband). Nor can we hire our very own Dean Proffitt to custom build a cedar “shoe rack with a twist” for our yacht but why should that stop a girl from fulfilling her shoe closet dreams?

Two under $200 routes to consider: bookcases (specifically this one in the color of your liking) and/or wall shelves.

If you have the space I suggest opting for the bookcases – they are just easier. If space is limited go for the wall shelves and invest in a serious power drill (and maybe a maintenance person). I went the Ikea wall shelving route and am thrilled with the result – shoe wall dreams can come true!

Photo: The Coveted

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  1. I’ve always wanted a shoerack like this. I have one of those cheap ones from target that are collapsible, and don’t really have enough room for heels or booties. This is like my dream shoerack.

    xo Sherrie

  2. I tried the whole “clear boxes with photos on the outside” thing but just ended up getting angry when everything came crashing down in the morning rush.

    This seems like a much more stable idea!

    Thanks! : )

  3. I do so love that bookcase from Ikea. I wish I had the room for it. My room is too tiny, for the amount of stuff I have in my life. My closet is ridiculously tiny. I have to keep all my shoes in boxes up there 🙁

  4. I love this idea! so great! I have a metal one built into my closet at home and I love it. If i didn’t have it I’d so DIY it cuz, well, I DIY like everything I’m not willing to pay outrageous prices for. I’m a broke college student :p

    I just wanna say that I love your site. I just discovered it! 😀 I am following on blogger and I just added you to my RSS feed which goes directly to my desktop. I can’t wait for future posts! <3


  5. This is such a cute and wonderful photo, and i really wish i could have a shoe closet like that!!
    Great job

  6. I actually used to use bookcases as shoe closets! 😛
    But when I have my own home, I’m going to make myself an amazing shoe closet. Who needs architects?? Yay for being an Industrial Design major!!!

    Fernanda Lucila

  7. I think I just fell in love, my boyfriend will absolutely kill you! I’m going to make him make me one of these for when I eventually move in!

  8. ughh, gorgeous. need to poll everybody though- do you throw out the shoeboxes? i feel guilty throwing away the boxes for expensive shoes!

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