diy: braided hex nut bracelet

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When we were little girls my sister and I fully enjoyed taking trips to Home Depot with our dad.

We always managed to negotiate one soda pop, two straws, played hide and seek in the garden center and discovered ways to make jewelry out of the nuts, bolts, door hooks and anything else our tiny hands could reach in those orange bins.

Years later, I still attempt to make jewelry every time I’m in the store so naturally I was stoked to find this braided bracelet DIY complete with brass hex nuts. Full instructions here.

Home Depot, here I come!

Photos: Honestly…WTF

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  1. Ooh funny you should post this! This year I’ve been working on a range of braided jewellery, mainly bracelets using things like bolts, and lots more. Don’t they look great 😀 Such an easy way to make your own jewellery, that’s simple, but chic.

  2. this DIY is so awesome!
    and i am totally feeling this kind of jewellery right now, it reminds me of summer! can’t wait! thank you!

  3. Wow, I never thought that one can actually create a beautiful accessory from anything. I love this DIY bracelet and hope to see more.


  4. OMFG. I will be making this. It’s totally awesome, easy and cheap. If you painted the nuts (I can’t say that and not laugh) you could make colored ones. Ooohhh.

  5. That is so cool. Of course I came across the post after a day of errands including a stop at Home Depot but now I have an excuse to go back. I think I will try this with silver and gold nuts

  6. I used to do the exact same thing with my sister..

    except maybe then it was still called Hechingers, before Home Depot started running shit..

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