idea: new order

Boxes of Tide, sugar, crackers, Q-tips, Cheerios. Bags of quinoa, nuts, flour, chips, cotton balls. Bottles of astringent, bleach, Windex, vinegar, soap. Gahhhhh clutter!

Idea: Get rid of all the branded clutter by displaying everyday household items in clear canisters, mason jars, muslin pouches, etc. then label with shipping tags. So fresh and so clean.

Photo: BHG

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  1. omg great idea! I was just thinking of how to make my home look less house-wifey and more like those dream homes. You’ll never see a box of TIDE detergent in the background in a home decor photoshoot.

    Thanks for the realistic take on home decor! 😀

    – Theresa

  2. @Nicole,

    ‘ Where did you get those canisters?! I love them and have been looking for some just like that! ‘

    I believe your nearest IKEA will carry these canisters! 😀

    – Theresa

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