diy: 6 makeshift kitchen island ideas

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I fantasize about my dream kitchen like nobody’s business and one of the elements I’m particularly fixated on is the perfect island. A beautiful, fully equipped, storage friendly center piece smack dab in the middle of the kitchen. Ahhh someday! Until then,
a makeshift island in my rented apartment will have to do.

Some ideas:
1. Buy a kitchen island (captain obvious!). They sell kitchen islands all over (even at Target!) in a variety of aesthetics, shapes and sizes. The downsides: dinero and versatility. These can get pricey and if the island doesn’t vibe with your next place it’s not as easy to use elsewhere (see #2-6).
2. Console tables. They’re nice and slim and won’t dominate a small kitchen.
Plus, if you get over the idea you can put the table along just about any wall.
3. Desks. Secure a countertop/slab of marble (available at hardware stores and you guessed it…IKEA!) to the top of a cool desk and add on longer legs (keep the old ones if you want to drop it back down to desk height for later use). The bonus: extra drawer space.
Credenzas/buffets/dressers. Move your credenza/buffet/dresser into the kitchen and beautify the backside with this DIY.
5. Dining room tables. If you have an open space (lofts are great for this idea) put your dining room table in the kitchen to double up as an island.
6. Carts. Three shelf carts provide additional storage space and are nice and mobile. The bonus: can double as a bar.

Any other ideas? Please share!

Photos: Elle Decor

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  1. Great kitchen inspiration. I love looking at all design photos, but I have to say that kitchens are my favorite. I'm a total fool for granite counter tops…my new (1BR) apartment has them and I'm absolutely in love with them.

  2. These are great ideas. I have actually seen this done in a friend's kitchen and love it. The room needs to be the right size to avoid feeling over crowded, but it has been so nice and really makes the kitchen look complete.
    Much love,

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