girl talk: makeup organization

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After spending way too much time on ‘Into The Gloss‘ browsing photos (selects above) of the well organized makeup cabinets belonging to Tory Burch, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Karlie Kloss, Lauren Santo Domingo, et al. I’ve decided it’s time I get my makeup in order. And by that I mean empty the 10 different free-makeup-bags-with-purchase that sit underneath my sink housing dozens of products I never ever use because they’re out of sight.

Any organizing tips? Would be greatly appreciated!

Photos: Into The Gloss

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  1. I have a ton of make-up, and when I say a ton I mean I have 9 different glass apothecary vases that hold all of the different categories (i.e. blush/bronzers, lipliners, mascara, foundation, lipsticks, lipgloss, etc.). For my eye shadows I keep them in a pull out 3 drawer organizer that I made over with a DIY velvet wrapping paper that is visible through the fronts of the drawers. Super cute. If you want photos email me, I seriously love my makeup corner now. I always loved how MAC counters have their set up in science beakers so I just put my own spin on it to make it unique.Oh, and my brushes I keep in a brush roll, makes it super easy for travelling. xoxo

  2. I am in love with those acrylic organisers you can get from drugstores, storage stores or even furniture stores that have different sized holes for different items. I have one main one on my vanity that holds the products I use on an everyday basis, and then some squatter ones for inside my drawers so that nothing gets lost!!


  3. A few make-up organizing tips that I've used:

    – Start by getting rid of anything that is old or that you really don't use.

    – Definitely compartment organizers, they make a huge difference. Clear ones are best (particularly if you are using cupboards as opposed to drawers)

    – Have one compartment that houses your essentials: everyday mascara, concealer, bronzer, etc.

    – Organize based on eyes, skin, brushes, lips, etc.

    – I also keep a compartment of special-occasion only items so as to help with managing clutter (things like sparkles or fake eye lashes)

    Hope that helps someone! I will definitely do a make-up organizing post in the future as I adored this post.


  4. i think that using separate pretty containers is a good idea ~ like pretty little bowls that you would normally find in your kitchen. these photos are lovely! i spy a netti pot 😉
    xo ~ kristina

  5. Yeah, I have waaaay too much makeup. That said, I'm not giving any of it up. I've just embraced it, and I have a cart in my bathroom (small, narrow, yes, but still, literally a cart) and I use one drawer each for eyes, face, and lips/perfume, and the bottom drawer is for travel stuff/sample sizes etc. I could easily compress it down to a much smaller space, but why bother? This way I know exactly where everything is and don't have to dig.

  6. Niiice.. i have a multi-level drawer atop my vanity that houses all eye and lip makeup and blush, then all those that are in bottles are in an table organizer to maximize space 🙂

    This actually makes me want to buy more make up to organize! haha

  7. for a minute i thought it was all your makeup! small ikea drawer boxes have helped me organize my toiletries and "backstock" (trial and error makeup and impulse buys) and muji has great organizers as well! i also love using glass beakers and flea market finds to house my brushes, lipsticks, liners, etc. 🙂 happy organizing!

  8. All of the makeup I use regularly is in one box because I don't have a proper vanity! I await the day that I have a vanity area with drawers that can be as organized as the ones there.

  9. seriously seeing other people's makeup collection really does something to me lol (makes me want to add to my collection) 🙂

    xo Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love these, so organised! I have no tips, because I'm the same as you, my make-up stays in about 4 different make-up bags dotted around my room, and the few pieces I use most are in a tiny pencil case thing on my bedside table. I used to use a box, and I divided into 'eyes' and 'lips', but as my make-up collection grew, I stopped using it! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  11. Oh my God you saved my life! I followed your ideas and finally organized my bathroom and all the drawers. Check out my site for pics. Love this post soooo much!

  12. You have a very organized way of storing all your cosmetics. Your shelves are neatly arranged which is very helpful to keep these items' quality. A lot of women are surely inspired by this. Thanks for sharing.

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