diy elbow patch sweater

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When Sophie and I were planning our next DIY I had the “genius” idea of interchangeable velcro elbow patches. We bought all of the supplies (including suede, leopard and metallic fabrics), worked through the entire project and the results were…let’s just say we decided to start over and use a needle and thread.

DIY elbow patch sweater

DIY Elbow Patch Sweater

by Sophie Okulick • Oct 19, 2011 6:16 AM PDT

DIY • Fashion

DIY Elbow Patch Sweater This week’s do it yourself project takes inspiration from grandpas old sweater. Our version of suede elbow patches are an easy way to jazz up your favorite Fall knits. This style works well on both men’s and women’s blazers, sweaters, and collard shirts. Take some time this Fall to cozy up with a cup of tea and patch things up.

How-t0: DIY Elbow Patch Sweater

What you’ll need:
1 square foot of your favorite color fabric
A comfy sweater

1. In Photoshop or by hand, sketch your desired size oval onto paper and cutout your stencil.

2. Trace the paper oval around your fabric and cut.

3.  Try on your sweater and with the help of a friend or in the mirror pin the fabric to the elbows of your sweater.

4. Lay your sweater flat and sew along the outer edge of the patches.

5.  Stick them onto your sweater and let those elbows go to work!

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