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Who else is smitten with the 80s electro pop kick ass masterpiece that is the ‘Drive’ soundtrack’?

“One thing that was unique for me about this project was having songs exert such a strong influence on the score. That helped to create a unified, one-size-fits-all, style of soundtrack…the 80s electronic pop style made a lot of sense to me. I knew that Nicolas [Refn, director] was in love with that sound and I saw a way to acknowledge it with vintage synth sounds and cover most of the dramatic food groups while referencing that style.” – Cliff Martinez (composer of much of the soundtrack and former drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Dickies)

A mashup preview of the soundtrack in the youtube player above!

#addicted #oscarworthy

p.s. can we discuss my future hubby, ryan gosling? yoooowza.

Photo: whatculture

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  1. Ok, I'm glad someone else appreciates this. I actually laughed when I saw this post (LOL'd, if you will, or lawled), because I'm listening to it right now!!! It's so good. Nightcall is amazing.

  2. Yeah some critics reckon that the film could have done a lot more with the plot and added more depth to the characters.
    I agree but still think the film is really cool.I like the cinematography and the modernised 80's theme is very cool.
    they are 3 great tunes on the soundtrack.

  3. The movie is perfect the way it is. Not just because of Ryans steamy presence. I mean, come on! Are we ten? Gotta look at the whole picture. All the characters are good, story is good, soundtrack is perfect, how the movie is filmed is perfect, the sound, the ending. That's how a movie should be made. Completed movie.

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